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Connecting rural Africa with transformative investment

Generating Value Beyond Profit!

Kinvest Venture Partners deploy international impact investment funds to create Kinvest Farms where local entrepreneurs in Rwanda learn, develop, and cultivate farmland for the purpose of global distribution to achieve a sustainable local economy for the community. We combine sustainable agricultural practices with professional management, market access, and high value crop selection to create 10x more value per hectare than traditional crops and methods yield. Over the lifecycle of the fund these workers earn a living caring for the farm and the ultimately receive ownership of the farm to have a lifelong economic engine for themselves and their local community.

Gather. Nurture. Accelerate.

Kinvest Impact Foundation partners with rural communities in Rwanda to create thriving marketplaces where people gather, relationships grow, knowledge is shared between generations, and entrepreneurs test out their big ideas. A healthy, vibrant marketplace is where local people can realize their potential and strengthen their village – for everyone. In these brick-and-mortar economic and community hubs, people access inspirational training, commercial rental space equipped with clean water and renewable energy, micro-loans for equipment, and internet access. Each marketplace is designed to operate sustainably to ensure long-term impact in the local community.

Kinvest Impact Foundation, a registered charity, works in collaboration with Kinvest Venture Partners, an impact investment company. Kinvest Venture Partners invests in agribusiness farms near Kinvest Impact Foundation’s sustainable marketplace communities. By combining development in marketplaces with commercial farms, Kinvest helps foster a complete economic system where value is created, jobs and wages grow, and money is recirculated into the local economy.